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Nursing and Nursing Aide Services

Home Health Nursing Services

Wellspring Healthcare provides nursing services usually covered through Medicare or private insurance. Our Skilled Nursing care services are provided by Professional Registered Nurses (RN) who deliver nursing care to patients in a variety of facilities and settings. Our visiting RNs demonstrate expertise in areas such as nutritional guidance, medication management, orthopedic care, wound care, catheterization, IV infusion therapy and care, ostomy, nasogastric, gastrostomy, and tracheostomy care along with educating the patient/caregiver/family on all phases of care. The RN will regularly check vital signs and monitor the patient status along with keeping in contact with the patient's physician to provide the best care possible in a home environment. The visiting RN and RN supervisor are in continual contact with therapist and physicians to coordinate the plan of care. The duration is typically short term and limited in scope.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Need PT/INR done
  • Have difficulty in taking medications
  • Need a nurse to assist with teching you how to use a medical device
  • Not eating properly
  • Don't know what a medication does
  • Are unsure of your medical issues


Home Health Aide Services

Our certified Home Health Aides assist clients with personal care, grooming and hygiene, range of motion exercises, ambulatory device assistance, and activities of daily living. This service is accomplished in conjunction with Skilled Nursing visits and as ordered by the physician. The duration is typically short term and limited in scope.

  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Assist with grooming and personal hygiene
  • Assist with home exercises
  • Asssit with ambulation (moving around)
  • Assist the completing the Nursing goals
  • Assist with bathing